Why WordPress is the Best CMS for Blogging

Why WordPress is the Best CMS for Blogging

When we talk about blogging 90% of the people choice is WordPress. Why WordPress became so popular? WordPress is a user-friendly and simple content management system which is available in almost all hosting services with one click install support.

WordPress is suitable not only for blogging, you can build any kind of website. Whether it is a small blog or large enterprise website, WordPress is packed with almost all features needed for every kind of website.

If you want a detailed and in-depth reason for WordPress enormous popularity undoubtedly you prefer WordPress for your blog.

In my previous article, ultimate blogging guide for newbies I discussed few points about WordPress. This article is completely dedicated to WordPress praising and its advantages.

Easy to Install

WordPress is pretty easy to install on any hosting service. Over 99% of web hosting services offering WordPress One click installation.

Easy to Setup

WordPress is very easy to set up. Once installed on the web host you can directly login to the Dashboard. The admin panel of the WordPress is very intuitive and user-friendly. You don’t need any developer to set up the settings. Everything is neatly arranged in the Dashboard, read our WordPress Setup guide for more information.

Easy to Update

As we all know WordPress is an open source content management. we can expect regular updates to the program. Also, the update process is very easy and you can do it with few simple clicks without any coding skills.

It is simple

WordPress is a simple content management system which is easily manageable by anyone. Once it is installed on your server the further development of the site can be managed even by a newbie user.

It is Free

When compared to other content management systems, WordPress is completely free and no hidden costs involved. During the complete development of a website or blog, you need some plugins and themes. You can select thousands of plugins and themes from the WordPress store for free of cost.

WordPress Categories and Tags

Built-in Blogging Options

WordPress is a very user-friendly platform for blogging. It comes with a various set of options which are configured especially for blogging. You can check Categories, tags, widgets, authors, and media management options inside the dashboard.

Stable CMS

Millions of sites run by WordPress platform. It is the main advantage for the blogger who wants to choose a stable content management system over many other options. Trusted by millions of sites and thus any security concern or bug can be quickly discovered and fixed with frequent updates.

Open Source

WordPress is an open source software thus, the source code is available for everyone. This means if you are a developer you can build a new feature or application to improve functionality. This makes WordPress more user-friendly without any limitation on modifications and use.

Search Engine Optimization

Built-in SEO

Blogging is an SEO hungry job. For a successful blogging career, we need good SEO options. WordPress is packed with SEO options to make your blog search engine friendly.

Better Time Managment

All options are under one roof. The dashboard packed with almost all features that required for development and daily maintenance. This will make your job simple and time-saving.

WordPress Users

Multi-User Support

WordPress has multi-user functionality, which means you can add as many users you want on your blog. By default, WordPress categorized the users into 5 categories. Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, Subscriber, and under each category you can as many as users you want.

Free Themes and Plugins

A ton of free themes and plugins availability is the main asset for WordPress. If you are planning a cost-effective blog or website you can download and install themes and plugins from free WordPress store.

Widgets Support

WordPress has widget support in site layout for adding customized widgets like recent posts, author profile, Facebook like box, search box, and much more.

Drag and Drop Media

Drag and Drop Media Uploader

Darg and drop option for media makes adding the media content with ease. You can drag and drop any type media file such as audio, video, and image with one click.

SSL Certificates Support

SSL became a standard for every site when it comes to trustworthiness. WordPress allows simple integration of SSL certificate, Let’s Encrypt is the best example of easy and free SSL installation.

AMP Supported

Accelerated Mobile Pages is must for every site if you want to run a mobile-friendly site. AMP for WP is a plugin to integrate this feature into your site.

Browser Friendly

WordPress is compatible with almost all browsers. A WordPress site can easily open with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and many more browsers without any hiccup.

Customizable Permalink Structure

WordPress supports customizable permalink structure. Which means you can tweak your blog post URL to a search engine friendly one.

Distraction Free Writing

WordPress has distraction-free writing mode for writers. You don’t need any third-party application or program to save your precious text.

Social Media Sharing Options

WordPress has built-in social media integration to share your blog post within after publishing. Many social media plugins available with unique icons and functions. Therefore, you don’t have to spend extra time for social media publicity.

Post Scheduling

Save your article as a draft in WordPress and you can set schedule timer to publicize to a suitable time. This option is available in the backend of WordPress panel under new post section. You can schedule your post today, tomorrow, next week or next month with this simple feature.

e-commerce Support

e-commerce support is one of the main attraction for WordPress. A blogger can simply turn its blog into an e-commerce store by using few plugins. WooCommerece has full support and integration with WordPress to make your job easy.

Multi-Language Support

WordPress has multi-language support, which means you can create your WordPress site from 70 different languages.

Easy Migrations

Migration of WordPress site from one host to other host is pretty simple. Also, many hosting providers offering free WordPress migrations when you purchase one-year hosting plan.

That’s all for now. I hope now you know how simple WordPress is. I hope you will choose WordPress as your content management system for your blog. In the next article, I will come up with a more detailed guide to WordPress installation on different hosts.

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