Blogging, What Exactly It Is?

Blogging, the term we are seeing, regularly listening to these days. After the rise of the online marketing, the blogging became one of the most popular platforms to earn money from anywhere in the world. I’m in the blogging business since 2008 and professionally from 2012. In this journey, several people asked me about what you are doing? and what is your profession? I answered the question in my own way, but unfortunately, no one understood what exactly it is.

Blogging, What Exactly It Is?

Information is distributed from several mediums like Television media, Radio and Print media. We used to watch television for news, movies, serials and other entertaining programs. These are called content, content can be any type; it is the main asset of the medium to attract the audience.

For example, BBC is for News, News in the content for the BBC Channel. HBO content is movies. These are Television channels where we enjoy our favorite content on TV. Like same, blogging is an online platform to showcase your content. Not everyone can set up a television channel, but using blogging you can show your content to worldwide audiences.

Simply, Blogging is an online platform where you can share your knowledge and make money. You can share any type of content, from your personal experiences like travel diaries, food tutorials, poetry, your opinions, and professional categories like News, Tech reviews, how-to guides, etc.

Whatever knowledge you have it can be shared in blogging. All you need is a good communication skill, decent writing skills, grammar, and a lot of patience.


Where to start?

Blogging can be started from Blogger or WordPress platforms. There are other alternatives too like Tumblr, Medium, LiveJournal, and much more.

Blogger is a product of Google and WordPress is from Matt Mullenweg. In my early days of blogging, I used Blogger platform and tested my skills for free. Blogger is a completely free platform where users can create a free blog hosted by the Google.

Whereas WordPress comes in two types. and is a self-hosted platform, and is a free blogging platform to use. If you want to get hands-on blogging is your preferred choice. It is hassle-free and gives you a zero cost maintenance until you learn. However, there are certain limitations while using, you are not allowed upload your plugins and themes, to avail them you have to upgrade your plan by paying a one-time fee.

How Blogging works?

So what to start now? There are several niches to get started. I have chosen tech niche for my blog. Under the tech niche, you can write articles about your favorite smartphone or gadget you have with decent images and engaging wiring style. Before going to start writing, read the writing styles of big established sites like CNet, Lifehacker, PC Mag, etc. for reference.

Now start an article on your favorite topic first, the article should be unique and minimum 300 words big. Add the necessary images to the article and required tags. Now hit the publish button to show your work to the world. It is good to share the article on your social media profiles to get some traffic. Blogging is a continuous process, you can’t get success at an overnight with few articles. It takes few months time depending on the article quality and quantity.

How To Make Money From Blogging?

Bloggers take the help of developers or learn to work on CMSs like WordPress and Drupal to set up their own websites that would generate income for them. Here are the possible ways of generating income from a blog.

Adsense and Third-Part Networks

When you are getting some traffic to your blog now it is the right time to monetize. For monetization we have many options, for example, Google Adsense is a prominent name in the blogging industry. Getting an approved Google Adsense account is a dream for many newbie bloggers. Apart from Adsense, we have many third-party advertising agencies which offer promising ad fill rate and payments.

The payment can be decided by various factors. Either the deal is about displaying ads for a specified duration for which company would pay the website owner, or the payment is made on the basis of a number of clicks and impressions the ads would get. Either way, it is a win-win situation for both the parties involved. In most cases, these types of ads fetch much more money than posting ads from networks like Adsense.

These third-party programs allow you make some serious online earnings without any hassle. Most of them support PayPal transfer and few of them offer direct bank deposit.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another great source of income from blogging. Companies offer affiliate accounts for bloggers to promote their products to the audience. When a user buys a product by clicking on your affiliate link you will get a commission from the sale.

Sponsored Content

When you have great content on your site with a decent traffic metrics advertiser will approach you to do sponsored reviews. Sponsored reviews are nothing but paid reviews, advertisers pay money for writing and publishing their product reviews on your site.

Banner Advertisements

Direct banner advertisements is another great source of income for bloggers. If your blog is much popular, advertisers are willing to pay the decent amount for keeping their advertisement boxes in your site. The advertisement fee is based on the position of the advertisement on your blog for a certain period.

Blogging as a concept is vast. There are so many ways to earn if you happen to be an adept writer. You just need to show commitment and knock at the right doors.

That’s all for now. I hope you learned what is blogging in this article. If you are planning to start a blog, then you must read my ultimate blogging guide for getting started. In the next article, I will come up with a detailed Adsense guide for bloggers.

Please do share your views and feedback in the comment box below.

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