Most Common Mistakes Done By Amateur Bloggers

Most Common Mistakes Done By Amateur Bloggers

Blogging is a new way of generating income online. Nowadays many people are eager to learn and planning to try their luck in the evergreen field. When I started my blogging career I was completely unaware of the blogging basic checklist. There are many important steps involved when you are planning to start a serious blogging career. I have seen many people who are taken blogging as a silly and time pass mone making source. In reality, it is not. Blogging needs a complete dedication, seriousness towards building a brand name, genuine audience, and unbeatable writing style. If you are planning to start a blogging career without any failures read this article first. This article will help you to avoid most common mistakes done by amateur bloggers.

Most Common Mistakes Done By Amateur Bloggers

Skipping SEO Part

It is the most common mistake done by every amateur blogger in his early days. Search Engine Optimization is very important for a successful blogging career. Worldwide, there are many search engines doing their job for finding right kind of link results for search user.

Every search engines use their own algorithms to filter unwanted and spammy content from the search results. But most commonly all search engines search the related keywords, good and information-rich unique content, good permalink structure, H1, H2, H3 headings, images with alt tags and lastly a good and related title for the article. These are the most basic SEO checklist items to follow, if you skip these points in future you may face some serious traffic drop issues with search engines.

Copied Content Writing

It is the most common mistake done by every amateur blogger. Never and ever try to copy content from the other websites. Try to start something your own by checking sites for reference. Direct copy and paste or changing the paragraphs of a famous blog with a few modifications don’t get you a success in blogging. This kind of text copying is called Plagiarism. It is simply stealing content from a blog and publishing with few modifications on your blog. Search engines are most advanced than we think and they can recognize your blog posts whether it is plagiarised or genuine content.

Always try to start writing something of your own knowledge. Remember those childhood days, when the teacher asks us to write an essay on a car. Practice makes perfect, daily writing of blog posts will improve the writing skills.

Using Free Platforms

In my opinions quality always comes with a price tag.  Many amateur bloggers are attracted to free platforms like blogging or to start a blog. If you want to take baby steps and for mainly testing purpose these free platforms offer good features. When coming to serious and professional blogging it is advisable to go with or other popular CMS with a decent domain and hosting. A good domain name, clean look, and a 0 downtime server leave a good impression on your audience mind and as well as search engine bots.

Poor Content Writing

The above steps are for the search bots. But what you are writing for the real humans who read your blog? SEO is completely for search engines to find and show your blog who searched related query.

If you are writing a blog post first you know the complete details and knowledge of what you are writing. The audience is the real judge of your content. When you write an inadequate matter in the article, the user may lose interest on our blog and next time he doesn’t want to visit. So, make sure you have a killer and unbeatable content in your blog posts.

Never Set Limited Time

Many newbie bloggers most common mistake is thinking of quick success. Personally, I met many people who are expecting a success in blogging career within 2 months of their starting time. Technically many aspects involved for ranking in top 10 positions of Google results. Unless you have a good amount of quality backlinks, domain age and social shares your blog success are not possible in shorter time frames. We see many websites in Google search results when we search for a term. If you see every website ranked for that particular keyword you may notice many of the stopped writing, few results are dead and expired. These links are best examples for bloggers who stopped their blogging career by thinking of quick success.

Don’t get disappointed for poor search results or not indexing of your website. Follow the best practices of SEO and allow some time to grow your site.

Irregular Posting

If your blog started getting some organic traffic, now it is the right time to publish posts regularly. As I said above, search engines follow their set of rules to rank your site. If you post daily at a certain time, the search engine will follow that time to crawl your site and you will get good rankings. Not only bots, your regular audience also like to follow your posting time. This is one of the good ranking as well as brand image improvement factor.

It is not like daily one article or ten articles you publish. Maintain a schedule of posting daily, weekly or monthly.

Avoid Too Many Advertisements

When a person visits your site, he may come from a search engine result or from a social share link, he visited your site to know the article content. Placing too many ads on your blog may distract the content and the visitor may get irritated with the disturbance.

Usually, every blogger place advertisements on their blog to get some revenue. But if you place too many ads which may dominate the text in the article and it may leave the wrong impression on the audience.

Using Ugly Themes

As I said in the above paragraph a clean and decent theme leaves a good impression on audience mind when they visit your blog. Heavy backgrounds, confusing layout, and the loud colors are not suitable if you want an eye-catching blog. There are many user-friendly themes are available in the market for affordable prices. White background with decent fonts is eye catchy and comfortable while reading.

That’s all for now. I hope you enjoyed the article. Please don’t forget to share it on your social media platforms.

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