Hi I'm Rahul Vithala

Hi I’m Rahul Vithala

Hello, I’m Rahul Vithala. A full-time professional Blogger, Entrepreneur and animal lover. Started blogging from 2008, and became full-time blogger from 2012. My first professional venture is thetechhacker.com which is my major income source. After the thetechhacker, I started many blogs of different niches to get the taste of the success in all categories.

2012, The Birth Year of Thetechhacker

I still remember the day when I started thinking of taking blogging as a full-time business. I belong to a developing city where people think online money making is fraud. I told about blogging to my friends, family members and received a question mark on their faces as an answer. I was very confident about it by remembering my Blogspot site success and taking baby steps in blogging without knowledge of SEO.

In the year 2012 beginning, I was a big fan of lifehacker.com. Lifehacker is a very inspirational website which covers almost all categories. When I search for a term in Google, I found at least one Lifehacker link in every first top 10 results. Lifehacker is my first inspiration to enter into the website business.

The first half of the year 2012 is spent on searching the web development articles and learning the writing skills. Now the December 2012 has come, now it is the time to register a new domain to start my online business. I have chosen Godaddy as a domain registrar and hosting provider. Here I have taken a wrong step and chosen HTML Template for Thetechhacker. Later, I migrated to WordPress on Feb 22nd, 2013, started a fully functional Thetechhacker website.

Journey Begins

The journey of thetechhacker is successfully started after so many hurdles. SEO, Theme customization, plugins, and all the necessary stuff to run a website are selected. For continuous 8 months, I have chosen unique, interesting topics like how-to guides and useful app reviews as thetechhacker content. I have never taken care of SEO stuff like meta keywords, internal linking, and minimum word count, etc. In these four years, I have seen day by day development and recently hired few writers now for covering news.

With 4 years of full-time blogging and 8 years of online Blogspot site maintenance experience, I’m here to share my growth hacking techniques, social media marketing strategies, WordPress guides, and hosting suggestions.

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