How to Add “nofollow” to Internal and External Links in WordPress Navigation Menu

How to Add “nofollow” to Internal and External Links in WordPress Navigation Menu

We can add “nofollow” tag to any link in a post easily. Can we add “nofollow” to the navigation menus? Yes, we can and too with a simple method without any need to touch the codes.

Before we get into the method, we need to understand how the navigation menu links works. Usually, if we don’t add an external link, the menu has internal links to other pages on the site. For example, menu links may include Homepage, categories, tags, specific page or post of the site. If we want external links on the navigation menu, we can still add them.

For both the internal and external links, “dofollow” tags will be marked by default by the WordPress if you don’t mark “nofollow” to it. “Dofollow” internal links are not a bad thing in SEO, but the “dofollow” external links affects SEO as it passes the link juice from our site to the external site. Many website owners are not aware of “nofollow” links. It is good to mark the external links in the menu as “nofollow”. The links in menu give backlinks from every page in the site as the menu added to all the pages by default.

Step 1 – Find Menu Settings

Go to WordPress dashboard > Find “Appearance” in the left sidebar > Find “Menus” from the list.

Link Relationship XFN

Step 2 – Mark “Link Relationship (XFN)”

In the Menus setting page, click “Screen Options” in the top right area to expand it. Find “Link Relationship (XFN)” option and tick the checkbox before it. If you want the menu link to open in new tab, you need to tick the checkbox of “Link Target”.

Step 3 – Set “Nofollow” attribute to the menu link

Find the menu item where you want “nofollow” attribute. In the options, you can see “Link Relationship (XFN)” with an empty field. Type “nofollow” in the field. Then, click save menu. Now, the link of this menu item marked as “nofollow”. If you want the link to be open in a new window, check the “open link in a new tab” option.

How to check “nofollow” added properly to the menu link?

Go to the menu link, which you have added the “nofollow” attribute earlier. Right-click on the menu link and click “inspect element” (You can find this option in Firefox and Chrome browser). In the tab opened below of your browser, you can see the link starts with “rel = nofollow”.  If the “nofollow” attribute not added, then check the above steps again.

There are other ways to do this with the help of coding. However, this is the easy and straightforward option in WordPress to do it without touching the coding part. If you are trying to do this with any nofollow plugin, unfortunately, we don’t know any such plugin to our knowledge.

If you have any doubt about this method, please write to us in the comment section below. If you know any other method or plugin to do this, please share it in comments with other readers.

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